PortableLion is a one stop engagement solution for large institutions, with target support for students, faculty and staff, and every other member of the community.

Since May 2019, We have been powering 100k+ students, alumni, faculty, and staff at Southeastern Louisiana University. We provide the following services:

1. Centralized Campus News and Events Feed. We compile various news and event sources, Tweets and Facebook posts in one destination.

2. Quick Links for Student Resources: Frequently used links, in one easy and convenient location, making it exponentially easier to involve freshmen in the local ecosystem.

3. Campus Map along with campus facility and services discovery as well as real-time campus shuttle bus positions.

4. Service profiles: Various campus services and facilities will get their own dashboards to provide status information. 

PortableLion: Your university in your students' pockets.

Are you at Southeastern Louisiana University? Download and start using the app today.